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How much do you value your driving licence?

Sadly, when it comes to driving, we all know that points do not make prizes.

If you are at risk of a disqualification from driving, we may well be able to make the difference at Court.

Over the years, our team has won countless defence costs orders from the Central Funds when we have secured acquittals or discontinuance of cases. This means that any legal costs paid by you to us are paid back to you by the Court.

If a ban is inevitable, we can help to keep it as short as possible and will always endeavour to keep any penalty imposed by the Court as low as we can.

These days, being caught speeding is almost an occupational hazard for many drivers and with fixed and mobile cameras everywhere, great care is needed not to keep up with the flow of the traffic.

In the event that you are prosecuted for a motoring offence, please call us for some initial advice. For some offences, legal aid may be available and for others, we are happy to offer a fixed fee service.

We wish you safe motoring and to avoid accident black spots, we invite you to follow this link to a list of where the mobile speed cameras will be in Lancashire over the next couple of weeks.

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